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About Eau So Fun Parties!

Hey!  I’m Angie, the owner and creator of Eau So Fun Parties LLC located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, a mother to 3 very entertaining boys, and an avid learner just trying to figure out the meaning of life!  My life’s motto is work hard, play harder.  After some soul searching over the years, I have realized party planning is a huge passion of mine because it brings everything I value together; family, friends, fun, food, and memories.

I have always loved throwing parties that were fun and memorable for everyone!  I have been planning and hosting family theme parties for special occasions since my oldest child was born over 10 years ago.  It is so rewarding when my children have commented how their birthday parties were “the best day ever!”  They typically have a countdown of how far away their next party is because of this.  My oldest son has even recalled details from his 4th birthday party years later to my amazement.  It doesn’t just stop with my children though.  Other guests have also not wanted to leave the party because they were having so much fun.  I’ve heard comments such as “[He] had a blast! He wouldn’t shut up the whole way home. LOL” and “It was such an awesome party. You’re so creative. I wish we could’ve stayed longer!”.

I have found techniques that work, as well as ones to avoid for a party.  So I’ve decided to expand my clientele to more than family and friends.  My organization skills along with my reliability, drive for success, and passion for quality are the backbone of Eau So Fun Parties LLC and what will make your celebration with us memorable for years to come.

I love being able to have different theme parties for every occasion!  Being a busy mom and working full-time as an accountant has left limited time to plan and organize everything to my standards though, especially when most of the projects ended up being DIY.  I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier way!

As I looked to outsource each party or at least pieces of it, the same issues kept resurfacing:

  • All options in town were the same year after year.
  • There were limited options for toddler and preschool aged children.
  • The options weren’t as creative as I would like.
  • I couldn’t have themed food because any venue space available to rent seemed like you had to purchase their food and wouldn’t allow me to bring in my own food.
  • Vendors would take forever to get back to me and fall through on occasion leaving me stranded too close to the party date.
  • I had to deal with the time and stress of cleaning my house before and after the celebration because it was the only option left to have everything I wanted.
  • My house wasn’t big enough to hold all the guests, decorations, and activities I wanted.
  • I had to try and resell or store used party supplies afterward because I am a financially savvy person and try to reduce waste when possible.

I constantly try to figure out better, more efficient ways to process anything.  I was struggling to find the single answer to all these problems though.  So, I figured if I couldn’t find it, I would have to create it!  Thus, Eau So Fun Parties LLC was born.

Shout out to my high school girlfriends that helped me come up with the name during a girls trip to wine country! So much fun!!

Eau So Fun Parties LLC plans, organizes, facilitates, cleans up, and provides the location of a themed party or special occasion while making it EXTREMELY easy and CONVENIENT for you! All you have to do is choose your package, date, theme, invitation list, then show up ready to have a good time. That’s it!  Can it get any easier?!?

We spare you wasted time and frustration when things don’t turn out as planned or go as smoothly as you like when organizing a special celebration.  I figured I wasn’t the only full-time working parent that faced these same challenges, so why not help others relieve stress too!  I love helping ease others’ pain so they can enjoy their life more and Eau So Fun Parties LLC is the answer to all those challenges I continued to encounter.

Eau So Fun Parties LLC is currently in the startup phase of its journey.  However, it is our goal to be THE WORLD’S MOST FUN AND MEMORABLE PARTY EXPERIENCE!!

Not only do we love orchestrating private events, we also strive to help each individual leave a better person than they were when they came to us.  Giving back is high priority within our core values. In fact, we donated a party experience to a fundraiser auction before we had even earned our first $1 in revenue!  We are also committed to integrity, continuous learning, teamwork, quality, respect, our commitment to our guests, and above all else HAVING FUN!!!

For updates and to learn more about our journey, follow us on Facebook at eausofunparties.

To celebrate your next special occasion with Eau So Fun Parties LLC, CONTACT US to reserve your date and time. 


Not only will this be the smartest decision you have made for your special occasion celebration, but you will be helping us fulfill our goal of helping you have ‘the best day ever’ and for that, we cannot say THANK YOU enough!