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Have Questions?

I don’t see the theme I want on your website. Do you have it?

At this time, the only themes we offer are listed on our website.  As new themes become available, we’ll add them to the list.  If you would like us to create a custom theme for you, choose our Epic package, fill out the form, and submit it to us at least 6 weeks in advance to discuss.

Can the party guests keep the decorations/costumes/accessories/balloons?

Our decorations, costumes, accessories, and balloons are part of our business and do not go home with guests.

Do you have more than one party going on at a time?

No, your party will have exclusive use of space during your reserved time frame.

Will kids of the opposite gender have fun at my child’s party?

Absolutely!  We try to offer combination activities to accommodate all genders.

How do I make my Eau So Fun Party personalized more specifically for my special someone?

Each party makes sure the guest of honor takes the first turn in all activities and is the star of the party. However, if you would like customized water bottles, treat labels, banners, or other personalized decorations, choose our “Epic” package.  Anything you desire could be accomplished with that package.

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

No, all food and drinks will be provided based upon the selected package purchased. The only exception is a prearranged owner approved dietary restriction allowance.

The guest of honor has a food allergy/intolerance/preference. Can you accommodate that?

While we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, you’re welcome to bring a special snack/meal/dessert for the guest of honor at no charge. If one of your guests has an allergy or intolerance, we advise them to bring a substitute snack/meal/dessert for them to enjoy as we do not have dietary specific options available on-site. Please note any dietary restrictions when purchasing your package.

Are siblings/infants/adults included in my guest count?

Any individual participating in the activity or eating the treats counts as a guest.

Can I bring in beer or alcohol?

You may bring in your own beer or alcohol for private events only.  You must bring it in using your own cooler.  Cups, straws, refrigerator space, etc. will not be provided by Eau So Fun Parties.  Eau So Fun Parties reserves the right to ask you to remove it at any time during your event as well. Beer and alcohol will not be allowed during public events taking place.